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payment method

payment method

1. Credit/Debit Card (Mastercard & Visa)

  We currently accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards*. Your credit card information is secured and safeguarded when shopping at . All information are encrypted and sent through secured and protected channels. As our payment gateway is powered by Mobile88 (iPay88) and you will also receive an email from Mobile88 as notification on this transaction.
  * Not valid for cash only items and total purchases above RM10,000.

2. Online Banking (FPX)

  FPX payment method as it is an ideal payment solution for customers who do not own a credit card. All that is needed to make an online payment here is an online banking account *. Payment is directly linked and connected to the customer's specified online banking account. Transactions are usually instant and fast. Supporting banks include:

Payments made before 12 noon will be processed on the same day, while payments made after 12 noon shall only be processed by on the next business day. Kindly take note that orders shall only be processed when payment is received.