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A.G.V. Oriental Picking Melon in Sauce ( 140 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 153 5539 -15%
★ Can be stewed with meat seasoning ★ Long boiled yam oil seasoning, the flavor is better than others ★ The traditional melon embryo is made from bean koji, and the melon embryo is ripe and rotten, and the flavor is sweetProduct DetailsProduct Name : A.G.V. Oriental Picking Melon in Sauce We..
Ex Tax:RM142.67
Rixiang "Winter Bamboo Cake"(Halal/Vegetarian) ( 300 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock 8856 -15%
★ Specially selected fresh bamboo shoots in Nantou ★ Unique inheritance of famous Zhushan products ★ Crispy and delicious flavor★ Commodity ingredients Flour, palm oil, granulated sugar, bamboo shoot powder, scallion crisp, salt, sesame★ Commodity specifications 300g★ Shelf life 12 months ..
Ex Tax:RM342.22
Good Deer Tsai Lai Rice Flour ( 600 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 226 7820 -15%
Indica rice or indica rice is generally called Zailai rice in Taiwan. Indica rice is a subspecies of rice that requires long daylight, heat and strong light, long grains but poor viscosity, low protein content, and high starch content. Uses: turnip cakes, kueh, rice moss, rice noodles, slats. Series..
Ex Tax:RM362.22
Wei Lih Zha Jiang Paste ( 800 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 183 7630 -15%
★Super popular hot sale ★Inherit the good taste of hometown ★Wei Lih exclusive formula ★Best seller for more than 30 years The delicious taste that has lasted for more than 30 years, the familiar taste is the authentic hometown taste. After continuous research and development, Wei Lih fried sau..
Ex Tax:RM796.00
Kong Yan Black Vinegar ( 600 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 287 8624 -15%
★Indispensable for kitchen seasoning ★Miaochu is good at helping hand-held fresh; enhance the flavor to make the dishes more delicious ★Balsamic vinegar brewing ★PentasinFood Information Commodity name: Kong Yan Black Vinegar Brand: Kong Yan Commodity category: Vinegar Contents ingredients: Wa..
Ex Tax:RM220.00
Tong Yeng Braised Eel with Bean Drum ( 100 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 332 7617 -15%
★鰻魚膠質含量高 ★辣味製作最可口Detailed introduction of this product ◆After cumbersome processing, the eel is golden and shiny, and the meat is tender. ◆After the eel slices are paired with the carefully formulated seasoning liquid, the flavors are compatible and appropriately combined.Nutrition label Qua..
Ex Tax:RM581.33
I-MEI Nori Pancake ( 96 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 218 9452 -15%
【Yimei】 Nori Pancake ~ Milk-flavored pancakes with crispy texture, sprinkled with fragrant seaweed ★ The taste is delicious and unique ★ Every piece is real, delicious and not greasy ★ Layers of crispy, milk-flavored soft filling, super popular products ★ The long-lasting good taste ★ Meet the trend..
Ex Tax:RM152.00
Furesong Pickled Seeds ( 390 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 349 8427 -15%
★ Also known as "rags", mother's favorite ★ It can be used to make minced pork and enhance the flavor of cooking ★ There is a blessing at home, and the housewife is relaxed ★ Delicious and nostalgic selection of brewed flavorProduct Details Product name : Furesong Pickled Seeds Weight :&nbs..
Ex Tax:RM316.00
Uni Minced Pork Flavor Sauce ( 737 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 113 8186 -15%
★ Uni Minced Pork Sauce is derived from Uni Minced Pork Noodles Seasoning oil package, inheriting the brand spirit of Uni Minced Pork Noodles [classic familiarity, national delicacy passed down from generation to generation]. Give the family homesickness. ★ So it is not only a good taste, but also a..
Ex Tax:RM452.67
Sin Long Beigang Camellia oil ( 560 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 160 6893 -15%
After caesarean section, women’s nursing care, bibimbap noodles, small mouthfuls of raw drink, stir-fry, bitter tea oil chicken, three cup dishes, vegetarian food is available. Camellia oil Cold pressed virgin Bitter tea oil is known as Oriental olive oil, but its nutritional value is higher than th..
Ex Tax:RM4,166.67
Serena Egg Roll Economy Bun-Sesame ( 192 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock Sold 114 8529 -15%
◆ Serena sesame egg rolls are made of good sesame seeds, and each one is round and full ◆ After biting, you can immediately taste the rich sesame aroma, with the multi-layer rich taste of egg rolls ◆ The original taste of happiness can be tasted at any time ◆ Serena Omelet uses fresh liquid eggs pro..
Ex Tax:RM677.33
I-MEI Milk Puff ( 57 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 441 7253 -15%
‧The best-selling Yimei food puff ‧Smooth and crunchy outer shell with smooth and fragrant filling ‧Each bite is easy to eat, the more you eat, the better your mouth, suitable for all ages Vegetable oil (palm oil, hydrogenated palm oil), liquid eggs (eggs), flour (wheat), sugar, milk powde..
Ex Tax:RM149.33
Jane Jane Sky Kombu ( 100 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 113 7378 -15%
North Sea Special Kumbu Contains calcium, minerals, and rich fiber The best source of nutritionProduct name: Sky Kombu Commodity ingredients: kelp, sugar, maltose, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat), salt, vinegar, chili Net weight: 100 grams/bag Category: Vegetarian Shelf life: 18 months Origin:..
Ex Tax:RM766.67
Tong Zheng Sweet Potato Powder ( 340 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock 7629 -15%
★Royal Kitchen Companion ★Refined powder ★The taste of happiness ★Suitable for vegetarianCommodity ingredient: cassava starch Shelf life: 9 months Imported from Taiwan..
Ex Tax:RM138.33
Gold Gourd Small Mill Sesame Oil  ( 500 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 56 6998 -15%
Made in Taiwan, vegan, blending sesame oil For seasoning, cold dressing, dumplings, soupProduct name: Small Mill Sesame Oil Commodity ingredients: salad oil, sesame oil Net weight: 500ml Shelf life: 2 years Origin: Taiwan..
Ex Tax:RM354.67
Quanta Meat Sauce ( 160 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 423 9797 -15%
Quanta Meat Sauce 160g ★Convenient food, convenient food ★When you open it gently, you have a good mood for a picnic anytime ★Are you hungry? Let's have a can of "Canned Quanta Incense" now!★Commodity features Convenient, you can eat and cook after opening the can. Our company has GMP, CAS a..
Ex Tax:RM309.33
Serena Sesame Egg Roll Gift Box ( 512 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock 8023 -15%
No added preservatives, spices, artificial colors Use excellent fresh egg liquid Real materials, healthy adherenceProduct Name: Happy New Year Sesame Egg Roll Gift Box 512g Content ingredients: eggs. Palm oil. Flour. Granulated sugar, sesame, refined salt Nutrition label Content: 512 grams Calor..
Ex Tax:RM626.67
A.G.V. Crispy Melon ( 180 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 362 6535 -15%
1. Exclusive use of mushroom juice and soybean oil juice for flavoring, mellow and sweet and crisp, the soup is both nutritious and            appetizing2. Pickled with specially selected fresh and tender flower melons3. Replace sodium salt with potassium salt ..
Ex Tax:RM144.00
Tomo Black Melon ( 170 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 224 7813 -15%
Black melon is crispy, appetizing, crispy and delicious, carefully selected fresh flower melon, marinated in glycol sauce, suitable for morning porridge, vegetarians can eat it~Product Name: Tomo Black Melon  Ingredients: Flower melon, sauce, sugar, flavoring Net weight: 170g Shelf l..
Ex Tax:RM264.00
Long Kow Bean Vermicelli  ( 300 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 169 8675 -15%
★Won the Golden Globe Award for Export ★Eat around the stove and keep your heart warm for a lifetime ★Delicious dishes traditional food ★Cold salad, soup, stir-fry, hot pot are all available Passed ISO 9001, HACCP... and other quality assurance.Commodity ingredients: Potato starch, mung bean star..
Ex Tax:RM516.00
Oneworld Nutrition Biscuits ( 140 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 156 6711 -15%
Product features The taste is solid and has a light egg scent, It is suitable for outings, travel, mountain climbing, and emergency. It can also be used for lunch for office workers, students, etc. And the night staff’s night order food, egg veggie edible.Contents name: wheat flour, vegetable ..
Ex Tax:RM196.67
Zheng Sheng Pineapple Fermented Bean Curd ( 350 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 147 7103 -15%
Choose Pingtung Majia Township Golden Diamond PineappleThe nutrients of fermented pineapple fermented bean curd are more easily absorbed by the body In addition to producing various essential amino acids There are also yeast and other substances Can help increase appetite and promote digestion It ..
Ex Tax:RM316.00
Kimlan Mushroom Gluten ( 396 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 182 6504 -15%
● Strictly selected shiitake mushrooms in Fuxing Township, strong aroma ● "Fresh, sweet and moisturized" three gluten happy taste ● Safe vacuum cover packaging, eat well and rest assured ● HACCP, ISO22000, GMP food triple guarantee ● Pure natural, no preservatives, no pigments, no fragrances ● Vegan..
Ex Tax:RM248.00
Tong Zheng Guanmiao Noodles ( 1 200 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock 7324 -40%
Follow the ancient method, hand-sunlighted The noodle body is resistant to cooking, and the taste is excellent Zipper bag packaging, easy to storeProduct Name: Tong Zheng Guanmiao Noodles Ingredients: High-grade flour, salt, water Net weight: 1200g Shelf life: 1 year Origin: Taiwan..
Ex Tax:RM377.78
Chin Yeh Potato Gluten ( 170 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 154 7090 -15%
Specially selected high-gluten flour, prepared food with high plant protein content, color, aroma and taste Specially selected potatoes native to Taiwan, large and full of aroma ~ With super-Q elastic gluten, it has a rich taste and is a particularly delicious appetizer, suitable for the whole famil..
Ex Tax:RM506.67
Tomo Oriental Picking Melon in Sauce ( 120 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 178 5464 -15%
★ Vegetarian series, suitable for all ages, the best porridge side dishes ★ The ancient taste of modern people ★ Indispensable for the first and fifteenthProduct Details Product Name: Tomo Oriental Picking Melon in Sauce Weight: 120g Ingredients: Yuegua, soy sauce, water, sugar, flavoring Shelf..
Ex Tax:RM130.67
Kuai Kuai Fragrant Chocolate ( 40 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 113 9028 -15%
Kuai Kuai new formula is on the market again Softer and crisper corn crisp More fragrant thicker imported chocolate Non-fried, no added preservativesOrigin (country): Taiwan Contents: 40g/bag Shelf life: One year Storage method: Please store in a cool place This produc..
Ex Tax:RM128.00
Kong Yan Mirin ( 500 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 150 7839 -15%
★Indispensable for kitchen seasoning ★Miaochu is good at helping hand-held fresh; enhance the flavor to make the dishes more delicious ★Vinegar brewingFood Information Product name : Kong Yan Mirin Ingredients : Glutinous rice, penglai rice, rice koji, sugar for brewing, seasoning Weight : 500ml..
Ex Tax:RM310.67
CHIEN JUNG Marlin Fish Floss(Bag) ( 300 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 115 5490 -15%
Refined from deep sea sailfish. It is fragrant and fragrant, containing protein, fat minerals, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C2, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, etc., with high nutritional valueHow to make fish floss? After the fresh fish is cooked, it is season..
Ex Tax:RM1,153.33
ABERDEEN Hericium erinaceus ( 180 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 141 8171 -15%
(Yuhan Zhenyu, Suxiang overflowing) Hericium erinaceus and bird's nest, bear's paw, sea ginseng are all named rare ingredients, and they have always been regarded as the royal cuisine served by the royal court. How to eat: Bibimbap, with porridge, or as practical as you like, such as sandwiches, ric..
Ex Tax:RM320.00
Furn Yuo Braised Pork Sauce(Vegan) ( 170 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 172 7844 -15%
*Vegetarian. Edible *Good frozen spatulaDetailed introduction of this product •Name of product: Fanyoulu Roufan (without rice) 170G •Nutrient ingredients per serving: ‧Nutrient ingredients per serving: per 100 grams Calories           : 299.7 calories Protein&nb..
Ex Tax:RM245.33
Tomax Universal Pepper Salt ( 45 g x 1 Bottle )  / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 100 7614 -15%
★Suitable for Chinese stewed stewed dishes ★Slightly sweet cinnamon and licorice ★Specially selected black pepper and spices★Product Name: Small Mill Universal Pepper Salt★Product ingredients: Australian lake salt, flavoring agent (sodium L-glutamine), black pepper, cinnamon, licorice, all..
Ex Tax:RM421.33
VEDAN Winter Vegetable Duck Soup and Winter Vermicelli ( 60 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 306 9229 -15%
★ Thick ~ It's fragrant! ★ Refined Winter Vegetables with Ancient Ducks and Duck Flavor ★ The soup is fresh and mellow ★ Nostalgic retro hometown taste ★ The most familiar taste of Taiwanese ★ Commodity ingredients Winter powder: mung bean starch, potato starch. Seasoning powder package: ta..
Ex Tax:RM224.00
SHIN HORNG Dry Noodles-Scallion Fried Bean Sauce  ( 110 ml / 1 packet  )
In Stock 7020 -15%
SHIN HORNG Dry Noodles-Scallion Fried Bean Sauce【Five pungent spices vegetarian diet】 ◆Non-fried Guanmiao noodles, 0.3cm wide ◆Classic desktop flavor, you can "taste" as you wish ◆No added preservatives, safe food ◆Simple cooking, convenient and fast, with dried green onionCommodity name: Xinh..
Ex Tax:RM240.00
Serena Egg Roll Economy Pack-Original ( 192 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock Sold 174 8199 -15%
Fresh egg liquid using fine eggplant No preservatives, artificial colors, spices The manufacturing process insists on not adding a drop of water Edible egg whiteOriginal flavored egg rolls have always been the best-selling classic flavors In the new year, egg rolls use fresh liquid eggs. The man..
Ex Tax:RM677.33
MORINAGA Milk Candy Bag-Original ( 110 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 103 9127 -15%
◎ "Delicious, happy and healthy" ◎ Unique nourishing rich sweetness ◎ Quality assurance, good reputation ◎ Delicious you can't stopProduct Name [Moriaga] Milk Candy-Original Flavor (Bag / 90g) Contents Name: Water syrup, granulated sugar, whole milk condensed milk, whole milk powder, hydrogena..
Ex Tax:RM155.56
Triko Soy Sauce Watermelon Seed ( 190 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 165 7358 -15%
★Selected premium watermelon seeds, baked with soy sauce. ★It has the unique sweetness and fragrance of soy sauce. ★Black melon seeds are harvested from "melon seeds and watermelon". The melon seeds and watermelon are a specialty of China. They are specially used for harvesting seeds, processing and..
Ex Tax:RM240.00
FU SHENG Winter Melon Sugar ( 550 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 204 8659 -15%
Whether you drink it warm or cold, you can feel the rich aroma of winter melon, leaving a touch of sweetness in your mouth. ■This product is 100% without added preservatives ■Choose high-quality winter melon, strong aroma ■Follow the ancient method to boil, brew the good taste of ancient times ■Boil..
Ex Tax:RM275.56
Chen Ji Okayama Haha Spicy Bean Sauce(Vegetarian) ( 450 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 177 11156 -15%
Chen Ji Okayama Haha Spicy Bean Sauce 450g ★Made by ancient method, seasoning holy product, vegan and edible ★Kaohsiung Okayama Famous ProductThe preparation of bean paste requires the following procedures: washing soybeans→cooking→first fermentation→stirring in chili and other condiments→seco..
Ex Tax:RM266.67
Uni Wheat Fragrant Green Tea ( 300 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 534 7204 -15%
The sweet and characteristic roasted fragrant green tea leaves are extracted from the mellow tea juice and paired with roasted barley to present a green tea with a unique barley flavor. Selected tea-grown in Taiwan. naturally grown. no pollution Ancient brewing method-tea soup is bright. produces bo..
Ex Tax:RM120.00
Knorr Golden Corn Soup ( 56.3 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 231 8375 -15%
★ Each grain of specially selected 3A grade sweet corn is full and golden ★ No preservatives, artificial MSG addedFood Information Commodity name: Knorr Golden corn soup Contents ingredients: Corn, maltodextrin, potato starch, sugar, salt, corn flour, palm oil, spices, carrots, yeast extract, gl..
Ex Tax:RM164.00
HUOQIU Spicy Hot Tofu ( 450 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 105 6506 -15%
HUOQIU Spicy Hot Tofu "Spicy and spicy tofu" Spicy tofu filled with delicious soup Has always been the soul of hot pot"Strong spicy aroma" Take a bite out of the smooth tofu Overflowing with spicy soup"The most delicious home-cooked ingredients" Whether you want to make a hot pot soup base or co..
Ex Tax:RM800.00
I-MEI Red Yeast Crackers ( 120 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock Sold 68 7553 -15%
★Healthy red yeast rice with refreshing pancake body ★Make your vitality UPProduct Name: I-MEI Red Yeast Crackers Commodity ingredients: flour, vegetable oil (palm oil, coconut oil, emulsifier (fatty acid propylene glycol ester), antioxidant (mixed concentrated tocopherol)), red yeast rice, su..
Ex Tax:RM178.67
Zheng Sheng Super Spicy Fermented Bean Curd ( 370 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 29 7868 -40%
Zheng Sheng Super Spicy Fermented Bean Curd  60 processes and 180 days fermentation Selected food grade non-basic modified soybeans Natural ancient brewingNote: fermented bean curd is a fermented food, it is normal for leaking when during delivery.Product name: Zheng Sheng Super Spic..
Ex Tax:RM301.33
HUOQIU Spicy Duck Blood ( 450 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 208 7535 -40%
HUOQIU Spicy Duck Blood 100% pure duck blood Spicy and salty Burst juice in every biteIn addition to duck blood, soup is also very important Use pepper, chili and dozens of Chinese prescriptions Boiled with chicken bones Stacked to produce fragrant, hemp, and spicy warm soup Satisfy your soul who ..
Ex Tax:RM800.00
CHIAO MAI WU Hand-flavored Japanese ramen ( 270 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 99 6585 -15%
"Hand-flavored Japanese ramen" uses premium hand-made noodles, More water noodle method of low-temperature aging after prolonged drying dry Japanese noodles, The noodles are cooked for a shorter period of time, are chewy and have excellent foam resistance, and are actually Japanese-style high-end ra..
Ex Tax:RM297.78
Kimlan Snow Brew ( 500 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 151 7544 -15%
In winter, it can be served with glutinous rice balls, summer with ice, and stewed eggs for breakfast. Selected Taiwan round glutinous rice, with brewed strains and Jinlan's unique compound fermentation technology, the natural rich aroma and sweet wine sweetness, to maintain the natural activity of ..
Ex Tax:RM405.33
Rixiang "Taro Cake"(Halal/Vegetarian) ( 300 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 112 7358 -15%
★ Delicate and sweet Taiwanese taro ★ Unique heritage ★ Crispy and delicious flavor★ Commodity ingredients Flour, palm oil, sugar, taro powder, shallot powder, pepper powder, salt, sesame★ Commodity specifications 15g x20 bag★ Shelf life 12 months ★ Country of origin Taiwan★ Nutrition la..
Ex Tax:RM342.22
ABERDEEN Gourd Fragrant Pine ( 270 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 55 7948 -15%
"Unique ingredients, crispy taste" Pumpkin is the main vegetable during summer season. Its nutrition value is mainly by consisting of abundant vitamin. Combine with distinctive ingredients, its sweet and crispy flavor is suitable to stir with cooked rice, noodles, porridge, sushi, steamed bread, san..
Ex Tax:RM320.00
Cheng Gong Black Bean Sauce ( 420 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 34 6417 -15%
Successfully brewed, the real flavor and shade oil--this product uses black beans as the main raw material, is exposed and matured for 365 days to extract the amino acid, and is brewed purely by fermentation, with a strong aroma of beans. Uses: Emphasizes sweetness and mellowness, suitable for dippi..
Ex Tax:RM418.67
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