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Natural element dried green cabbage ( 150 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 82 9471 -15%
Fresh dehydrated vegetables without additives, salt, sugar Heat water and season to serve Can be added to soups, porridges, noodles, stir-fried dishes to enhance the deliciousnessNatural agricultural products, without added bleach, will have oxidation phenomenon (blackening), which is normal and c..
Ex Tax:RM233.33
Wei Chuan Garlic Sauce ( 200 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 77 4915 -15%
★ Brewing soy sauce blending ★ Every bite is a good taste of nostalgia ★ Garlic flavor makes the flavor of food alive instantlyIt is delicious with garlic white meat, white chicken and other dishes.Product Name: "Wei Chuan " Taiwan Chuan Sauce-Garlic Sauce Contents: 200g Ingredients: ..
Ex Tax:RM201.33
Kimlan Aged Soy Sauce ( 500 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 112 7226 -15%
● Select non-genetically modified soybeans. Pure brewing ● Second fermentation technology, fermented and matured for a long time, rich bean and wheat aromaThis product specification Content name Raw materials: water, non-GMO soybeans, wheat, table salt, sugar, yeast extract, flavoring agent (s..
Ex Tax:RM290.67
Kimlan truffle soy sauce ( 500 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 98 7961 -15%
French elegance versus Encounter with Oriental Sauce Produces the most precious umami flavor, Taste the most rare sweetness. Use French Black Truffle Pure brewed soy sauce with mushroom flavor, low salt content, sweet taste Suitable for dip Non-base modified soybean Pure brew Precious because of you..
Ex Tax:RM288.00
LianHwa Longevity Almond Fish ( 80 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 143 5843 -15%
Just a pack is just right ▶ Long live almond fish, selected fresh fish from Japan ▶ Special seasoning and latest drying technology ▶ The fish bones are crisp, fresh and delicious!Taiwan Original Snack Viva Viva Brand Almond Dried Fish 80gContent name: Almond sticks, dried fish, sugar, malt li..
Ex Tax:RM169.33
Greenmax almond flour ( 450 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 55 9642 -15%
★ Multi-valley and healthy, good nutrition ★ Pure Almond Raw Bean Grind ★ Almond powder ★ No added sucrose (With glucose) ★ Vegetarian ★ Fresh with nitrogenProduct Name: Greenmax almond flour Weight: 450 grams Main ingredients: almonds, vegetable oil powder (glucose syrup, fully hydrogenat..
Ex Tax:RM546.67
Bull Head Sauce ( 3 kg / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 41 8715 -15%
★ Deep dumplings and hot pot are delicious UP! UP !! ★ Fried beef, fried Sanxian and even fried rice, can make you delicious table! ★ Bullhead pork, stewed beef, stewed dried bean curd of Niutou brand sand tea sauce is excellent! It is well known for its excellent taste of sand tea sauce. It has bee..
Ex Tax:RM1,026.67
CHIAO MAI WU Hand-flavored yam noodles ( 300 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 98 6973 -15%
"Hand-made flavored yam noodle line" adopts the method of adding a sailor to make noodles, and it is cooked and dried for a long time at low temperature and high humidity. The upper thread will not crack, the quality is stable, the surface is smooth and the elasticity is sufficient. After long-term ..
Ex Tax:RM311.11
King Car Orido Water-Glass Bottle ( 150 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 435 10194 -15%
Product Description "Olido mini-Oligo" won the national health food certification, and its quality is highly recognized. Its rich oligosaccharides can help digestion and maintain digestive tract function, increase the number of Bifidus bacteria in the intestine, and promote human health. ● This prod..
Ex Tax:RM181.33
Hsin Kuang Salted Bacon Powder  ( 300 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock Sold 41 5954 -60%
Pure taste and fragrance, full of fragrance 【Hsin Kuang】Salted Bacon Powder ★Xiangzhong Premium,Cuisine Master ★Pure taste and fragrance,full of fragrance ★Convenient cooking,A good helper in the kitchen●Product: Hsin Kuang Salted Bacon Powder  ●Ingredients: black pepper, cinnamon powder, l..
Ex Tax:RM1,373.33
Zheng Sheng Taro Fermented Bean Curd ( 350 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 83 7023 -15%
Taro flavor, suitable for all kinds of sauces. *The taste of traditional natural pure brewed taro is cleverly integrated into the fermented bean curd method *The taste is creamy and sweet, allowing you to bite after bite *Make the cooking changes richer and the taste more layered.Note: fermented b..
Ex Tax:RM316.00
Kong Yan Apple Honey Instant Curry ( 125 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock Sold 36 6856 -15%
★Exotic flavor, full of deliciousness ★Convenient food, fast and convenientFood Information Product name: Kong Yan Apple Honey  Contents Ingredients: Edible fats and oils (palm oil, coconut oil), flour, curry powder, salt, sugar, honey, apple puree, cocoa powder, cheese powder, coconut mi..
Ex Tax:RM155.56
Chin Yeh Fried Gluten  ( 120 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 289 8312 -40%
★Selected raw materials, strict quality control ★Fresh materials, good conditioning ★Guaranteed without preservativesCommodity story Food and religious culture such as vegetarianism and worship on the fifteenth day of the new year have always been unique customs in Taiwan. In 1949, people in..
Ex Tax:RM469.33
Furn Yuo Big potato gluten(Vegan) ( 170 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 105 8363 -15%
• 初一, 十一必備品 • 吃稀飯最佳首選Detailed introduction of this product • Calories: * •Nutrient ingredients per serving: ‧Nutrient ingredients per serving: per 100 grams Heat                   : 196.0 calories Protein          &nb..
Ex Tax:RM234.67
Furn Yuo Gluten ( 170 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 73 4779 -15%
►Vegetarian and edible ►Eat alone, bibimbap noodles, fried rice is super delicious! ►Can be stored at room temperature after high temperature and high pressure commercial sterilizationFood Information Commodity name: Furn Yuo Gluten Contents ingredients: Water, gluten, soy sauce, sugar, salt, mi..
Ex Tax:RM202.67
I-MEI Green Onion Soda Cracker ( 192 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock Sold 105 6231 -15%
★ Taste the simple deliciousness of soda biscuits, refreshing and unburdened ★ Small package, convenient for you to eat at any timeJust a few soda crackers and a packet of marshmallows You can create delicious and beautiful party snacks! Roasted and melted QQ sweet marshmallow sandwich Wrapped in ..
Ex Tax:RM205.56
Brown Coffee Original Coffee ( 240 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 128 13254 -15%
 Product Name: Brown Coffee Ingredients: water, coffee extract, sugar, milk powder, sodium bicarbonate, emulsifier (fatty acid sucrose fat), soy lecithinShelf life: 24 months Mark on the bottom of the tank (Western calendar year, month, day) 24 cans per box / 240ml per can Caffeine: 53mg / 1..
Ex Tax:RM197.33
FU CHUNG Garlic Sesame Noodles ( 500 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 63 5161 -40%
Strictly selected Taitung fresh sesame seeds It is refined and refined by multiple methods, with a strong aroma The strong sesame aroma neutralizes the spicy feeling of garlic Toss with flavorful pure brewed soy sauce Topped with chewy noodles Take a bite and weave a warm hometown flavor on the tip ..
Ex Tax:RM320.00
Virtues Worship Natural Black Malz Drink ( 330 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 536 7633 -15%
Black Malz Drink is a vegan drink, which is helpful to the health of vegetarians, pregnant women, developing children, and the elderly!Product Name: Virtues Worship Natural Black Malz Drink Commodity ingredients: carbonated water, glucose syrup, whole-grain rye malt, flower extract Net weight: 3..
Ex Tax:RM261.33
I-MEI Sandwich-Taro ( 152 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock 8082 -15%
Selling classic Yimei popular products for many years, The taste is crispy and smooth, and the entrance immediately blends into the mouth, giving you an aftertaste. Meet the trend of modern people pursuing exquisite diet The taste is unique and changeable. It is an afternoon tea filled with hunger a..
Ex Tax:RM162.67
Jiang Ji Pot Bottom Tempeh ( 360 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 107 6818 -15%
The ingredients are carefully selected, using full-grained non-basic soybeans and black beans with high nutritional value, supplemented by traditional methods to ferment them naturally. The natural taste can bring out the original flavor of the ingredients and is the best helper for cooking seasonin..
Ex Tax:RM224.00
Kimlan truffle ointment ( 500 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 79 7004 -15%
Understated luxury Extreme taste buds French elegance versus Encounter with Oriental Sauce The use of French black truffles adds brown sugar to increase the overall thickness. It has a vegetable flavor and retains fresh sweetness. It perfectly brings out the food flavor. Understated luxury With the ..
Ex Tax:RM281.33
Vitalon Super Supau ( 335 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 405 7062 -15%
★Brand new running, let the water supply evolve ★Comply with food regulations and low sodium standards, no burden on health ★Add vitamin C to meet the higher demands of consumers ★The best supply of water loss★Brand Story In the e-generation with ever-changing technology, Vitalon still adheres..
Ex Tax:RM165.33
Kimlan Drum Soy Sauce ( 590 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 52 6841 -15%
Golden Orchid Soy Sauce Glory for the CountryIn a world-class gourmet event, The delicious "drum tongue soy sauce" from Taiwan is never absent! The only four-year evaluation in Taiwan has won the world-class `` iTQi Flavor Award '' Samsung Glory ⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is the world's top food and beverage evalu..
Ex Tax:RM393.33
Brown Coffee Mantening Coffee ( 240 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock 7758 -15%
  ★Commodity Specifications Name: Brown Coffee Mantening Coffee Ingredients: water, coffee extract, sugar, milk powder, sodium bicarbonate, emulsifier (fatty acid sucrose fat), soy lecithin Shelf life: 15 months marked on the bottom of the tank (year, month, day in the Western calendar) ..
Ex Tax:RM197.33
Hunya Original Flavored Milk Cake 6pcs ( 60 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock Sold 147 8661 -15%
Original Flavor Milk Cake (60g) (6 Pack) The happiest dairy cow in the world, grown in pure and pollution-free New Zealand, Growing up eating forages rich in minerals, the milk produced has a happy rich aroma ~ Carefully selected natural milk sources, and carefully selected flour and eggs, sucrose, ..
Ex Tax:RM160.00
Natural element brown sugar ginger tea ( 240 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 51 9617 -15%
Specially selected Taiwanese elder ginger special Specially made with premium ginger and brown sugar In the cold winter, have a drink and it is extremely warmHow to eat: This soup can be added with bean curd or used as a dessert soup base, and the amount of water can be increased or decreased ..
Ex Tax:RM250.00
Jiang Ji Spicy Fermented Bean Curd With Sesame Oil ( 320 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 97 9072 -15%
Note: fermented bean curd is a fermented food, it is normal for leaking when during delivery.The product ingredients are selected soybeans, sesame oil, rice wine, granulated sugar, no preservatives, artificial colors, saccharin, traditional technology and the latest equipment, strict quality contr..
Ex Tax:RM213.33
Quaker Oatmeal ( 700 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 57 11559 -15%
●The only oatmeal that has obtained national health food certification ●Keep the most precious water-soluble fiber in oats ●3 times larger than normal crushed oatmeal, 2 times more fiber ●The whole oats are made without cutting and rollingQuaker has continuously worked to preserve the precious..
Ex Tax:RM480.00
Jiang Ji Yuanqi Wine Stuffed Fermented Bean Curd ( 370 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 112 7002 -15%
Note: fermented bean curd is a fermented food, it is normal for leaking when during delivery.Genki Series Fermented Bean Curd The selection of non-genetically modified soybeans, especially the addition of a variety of different elements, shows the combination of tradition and modernity. Through di..
Ex Tax:RM326.67
I-MEI Brown Sugar Ginger Tea ( 180 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 31 7692 -15%
Special-grade old ginger is selected and ground with pure ancient methods. It is matched with the unique charcoal burnt cane flavor of brown sugar, which is mellow and moist in the mouth. Warm a cup, warm your body and heart★The flavor is authentic and pure, warm and mellow! ★Natural ginger is pun..
Ex Tax:RM440.00
Quaker Delicious 3-in-1 Oatmeal-Extra Concentrated Fresh Milk ( 280 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 56 10923 -15%
The new wheat flavor, milk flavor and then upgrade No. 1 in sales for 20 consecutive years 15 major peace of mind guaranteesContent Name Ingredients: Wheat-flavored fresh milk cereal (wheat flour, wheat bran, corn starch, sucrose, fresh milk, table salt, lecithin, vitamin E-antioxidant), sucro..
Ex Tax:RM450.00
Jiang Ji Red Yeast Fermented Bean Curd ( 380 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 95 7578 -15%
Note: fermented bean curd is a fermented food, it is normal for leaking when during delivery.Jiang Ji Red Yeast Fermented Bean Curd *Multi-layered taste *The secret to delicious dishes * Combination of red yeast rice and fermented fermented bean curd *This product uses non-genetically modified soy..
Ex Tax:RM301.33
A.G.V. Decomposition Tea 600ml ( 600 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 719 9995 -15%
Drink it every day, anneal, reduce the fire, and it's right! *Japanese exclusive bitter gourd process patent *Bitter melon can be annealed, degreased and greasy. *No added preservatives and artificial colors Ingredients: water, indigestible maltodextrin, tea, chicory fiber, sodium erytho..
Ex Tax:RM240.00
Taisun Yulu Green Tea ( 580 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 302 7859 -15%
★Add top Japanese jade dew tea, refreshing and sweet without bitterness ★Enjoy good tea, real sweetness, good drink comes from Yunwu method ★100% fragrance-free, sugar-free 【feature of product】 Yulu is the top tea leaf in Japanese tea. After more than 20 days of cultivation, it reduces the bitternes..
Ex Tax:RM218.67
CHIAO MAI WU Hand-flavored udon noodles ( 300 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 84 6632 -15%
Qiao Maiwu's noodle making concept is the true taste of the heart and hands. Good wheat, good water, good salt are the quality of Qiaomaiwu, With 60 years of noodle making concept and perseverance, it shows the rich diversity of noodles.This product selects high-quality flour, which is made by han..
Ex Tax:RM297.78
Kimlan Ointment ( 590 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 759 7509 -15%
★ Unique pure brew formula ★ The first choice for natural sweet dishes with sauceThe salty taste is low, the taste is more harmonious, and the drops of glycol make it sweet and saltyThis product specification Raw materials: water, soybean amino acid liquid, pure brewed soy sauce (h..
Ex Tax:RM237.33
Kimlan Soy Sauce ( 590 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 908 7513 -15%
Golden Orchid Classic Soy Sauce, steamed with soybeans, roasted wheat and Australian sea salt are fermented at constant temperature for six months; Bean and wheat are full of aroma, with a unique richness, steamed, fried and fried stew are suitable for ~ a multi-purpose kitchen good helper!" ..
Ex Tax:RM248.00
Greenmax black sesame paste ( 360 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 34 9049 -15%
★ 100% all natural ★ High calcium, iron and fiber, both hot and cold ★ Vegetarian ★ Quality assurance ★ The first company to pass the double clean mark verification standard ★ No trans fat, no added creamer powder ★ No added artificial sweeteners, chemical starch ★ No added starch, artificial..
Ex Tax:RM384.00
Natural element lemon winter melon tea ( 240 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 44 9074 -15%
Use fresh winter melon from the place of origin, add peeled lemon Cooked by hand-made frying technique It is suitable for drinking on ice during the hot summer seasonThis product specification Content Name Lemon Concentrated Juice, Winter Melon, Sucrose Content 240g Country of origin (country) ..
Ex Tax:RM250.00
Fu Kuei Hsiaug Lemon and Chili ( 180 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 33 8998 -15%
Vegetarian, made in Taiwan Using non-genetically modified soy protein Fragrant Q, the mouth is chewy, the more you eat, the more you like Sealed zipper bag for easy storage Suitable for leisure or dramaProduct Name: Fu Kuei Hsiaug Lemon and Chili  Ingredients: Soy Fiber, Sugar, Canola Oil..
Ex Tax:RM373.33
ABERDEEN Kelp Sprouts ( 80 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 97 6345 -15%
Seaweed sprout (seafood) seaweed sprout-seafood flavor"Convenient cuisine, full taste" Ingredients: kelp sprouts, bowl of beans, carrots, fish plate Strictly selected from imported young leaf kelp buds, it is a precious food bestowed on human health by nature. During the growth period, it fully ab..
Ex Tax:RM720.00
LianHwa Longevity Unflavored Comprehensive Fruit ( 90 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 39 6846 -15%
Carefully selected top nuts, low-temperature baking Rich in dietary fiber Pure natural without additives【Brand】 ViVa【Materials / compositions / specifications / package contents】 Product specifications: 90GCommodity ingredients: Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamiaAllergens: ..
Ex Tax:RM169.33
Tong Yeng Mackerel can in tomato sauce ( 230 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 133 6299 -15%
►Convenient and delicious ►Open ready to eat ~ good taste ►Excellent color and fragranceFood Information Product name: Tong Yeng Mackerel can in tomato sauce (Yellow) Contents ingredients: Miso, vegetables, garlic, sugar, salt, glutinous rice flour, spice seasoning, potassium hexadienoate (pre..
Ex Tax:RM290.67
MORINAGA HI-CHEW soft candy bag-General ( 130 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 31 3904 -15%
Elastic and chewy, the juice is super blooming Intense aroma of fruit and rich juice, plus super elastic chewing Newly upgraded Hi Chirp, delicious and super Juicy!Grape/Strawberry/Green Apple, three flavors in one pack The most popular popular combination! *The dark dots on the candy are fruit po..
Ex Tax:RM147.78
Greenmax Rock Sugar Almond Tea ( 360 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 42 6577 -15%
★ Multi-valley and healthy, good nutrition ★ Real materials, follow the ancient modulation, keep the best health ★ Fragrant and sweet taste, milk and vegetarian food ★ No artificial colors, rich in vitamin B1 ★ Contains vitamin A, B2, iron ★ Almond grinding, high calcium ★ Slim Beauty Calories 129 c..
Ex Tax:RM384.00
LianHwa Motomoto mountain cut seaweed(Spicy) ( 39 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 11 2628 -15%
Made from selected high-grade baked seaweed Unique spicy soy sauce seasoning The spiciness is distinct and the seaweed is crispy...
Ex Tax:RM591.11
Fu Kuei Hsiaug Dried Mustard Meat ( 250 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock 6072 -15%
100% VEGAN with no Allium & Alcohol The well-known vegetarian dried meat brand is rich and precious, a new pinnacle, with sweet Japanese mustard, subverting the traditional taste! Using non-genetically modified soybeans, innovative methods have a rich taste ~ The specially-styled Japanese mustar..
Ex Tax:RM380.00
Tong Yeng Mackerel Can in Tomato Sauce ( 230 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 73 6826 -15%
♦ Seasonal mackerel is added with tomato juice, rich in lycopene, suitable for noodle soupFood Information Product name: Tong Yeng Mackerel Can in Tomato Sauce Contents Ingredients: Miso, vegetables, garlic, sugar, salt, glutinous rice flour, spicy seasoning, potassium hexadienoate (preservati..
Ex Tax:RM290.67
A.G.V. Wheat tea ( 300 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 400 8219 -15%
◎Pure barley extract ◎True "Stop dry mouth, not stomach" ◎Ensure that no preservatives and artificial colors are added ◎The strong aroma of wheat tastes smoothly and quenches thirstDetailed introduction of this product Product name: A.G.V. Wheat tea Net weight: 300ml Commodity ingredients: wate..
Ex Tax:RM117.33
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