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Chia Nan Teppanyaki Roll ( 80 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 19 1422 -30%
Delicious and not greasy afternoon tea, just a pack of portions Product Name: Jianan Teppanyaki Roll For every 100 g: calories 450.0 calories, protein 8.0 g, fat 20.9 g, saturated fat 6.2 g, trans fat 0.0 g, carbohydrate 57.5 g, sugar 30.1 g, sodium 696.0 mgIngredients: Fish pulp, flour,..
Ex Tax:RM72.22
Fu Kuei Hsiaug Black Pepper Meat Slices ( 300 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 20 1179 -30%
Vegan, made in Taiwan Fragrant Q, chewy mouth, the more you eat, the more you rinse your mouth Sealed chain bag for easy storage Packing combination 1 into the bag Certification SGS Weight 201g ~ 400g Origin Taiwan Flavor Black Pepper Source Company Goods Product specifications  &nb..
Ex Tax:RM309.33
Bamboo Mountain Winter Bamboo ( 160 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 13 1125 -40%
The specially selected winter bamboo shoots made from the bamboo shoots of Nantou Zhushan are all-you-can-eat and have a unique flavor. It is a good companion for leisure friends, tea tasting, outings, and festive gifts.Regarding Rixiang to Zhushan, in addition to tasting the local famous..
Ex Tax:RM321.33
hwa.yuan wave of Duo-oyster fried ( 43 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 96 2134 -30%
★100% fresh potato whole slice★The perfect combination of classic snacks oyster fried seasoning★Good taste in the streets This product specification Contents name Potato, palm oil (unhydrogenated), powdered sugar, soy sauce powder, salt powder, tomato powder, black vinega..
Ex Tax:RM80.00
Fu Kuei Hsiaug Vegetarian Spicy Seaweed Floss ( 300 ml / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 10 1519 -30%
Super new flavor, good choice for vegetarian Vegan, made with soy fiber Insist on manufacturing with pure natural plants to maintain the natural taste of products Sprinkle on rice, porridge, noodles, rice balls, sushi, steamed boiled vegetables or cold tofu dishes It can also be served with lettuce ..
Ex Tax:RM302.67
CH Natural Series Seaweed Crackers ( 80 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 46 881 -30%
The classic taste of seaweed is crispy and unstoppable! In addition to the unique biscuit formula, carefully selected seaweed, sprinkled with fresh green onions, two fresh double tastes, refreshing, crispy and memorable, are popular products in all major channels. ★Add salty fragrant seaweed ★Cris..
Ex Tax:RM86.67
Chen Ji Okayama Haha Bean Sauce(Vegetarian) ( 230 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 17 1449 -40%
★Made by ancient method, seasoning holy product, vegan and edible ★Kaohsiung Okayama Famous ProductFood Information Product name: Chen Ji Okayama Haha Bean Sauce Contents name: Non-genetically modified soybeans, flour water, high fructose, syrup, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, salt, th..
Ex Tax:RM137.33
CHIEN JUNG Fish and Chips ( 90 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 17 692 -30%
Product Name: CHIEN JUNG Fish and Chips (Spicy) Ingredients: potato starch, potato flakes, fish meat, palm oil, salt, sugar, sodium bicarbonate (expansion agent), garlic, shrimp meat, acesulfame potassium (sweetening agent), edible yellow No. 5 (coloring agent) Net weight: 90 grams Allergens: fish, ..
Ex Tax:RM280.00
Fu Yi Shan Milk Crackers ( 360 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock 461 -30%
A 60-year-old shop, carefully hand-made, loved by adults and children, the delicate taste presented in the product, and the deep expert craftsmanship in it, is a good taste you can't miss.The "pure" of the pure fresh milk cake uses pure fresh milk as the base throughout the whole process. Thin, cr..
Ex Tax:RM147.22
Kimlan Honey Sauce Barbecue Sauce ( 240 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 38 1615 -30%
Reduce salt without reducing deliciousness The new salt reduction formula reduces the salt content by 30% compared to the original formula Chile's Atacama Desert A.TA Desert Lake Salt Pure Salt A variety of natural spices are blended to enhance the umami taste of meat Add orange juice to make the ba..
Ex Tax:RM150.67
Kao Ching Chuan Chunky Chili Sauce  ( 410 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 46 2104 -30%
● Brewed in accordance with the ancient method and prepared with fresh chili ● It can be used in carrot cake, dumplings, fried noodles, Chinese breakfast, familiar ancient tasteProduct DetailsProduct Name : Kao Ching Chuan Chunky Chili Sauce Weight : 410g Retention period : ..
Ex Tax:RM150.67
Bull Head Chicken Soup ( 66 g / 1 pcs )
In Stock Sold 87 1776 -50%
★ Simple soup served in three minutes Fresh and non-greasy Free of artificial colors, preservatives and trans fatty acids Contains natural dietary fiber and vitamin E Easy to use, no sticking hands, no oil leakage for a long time Wide range of uses: hot pot, soup, noodles, porridge are suitable..
Ex Tax:RM496.00
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