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Tomax Salty Crispy Chicken Pepper Salt Powder A ( 1 500 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock Sold 58 7447 -15%
The Salty Crispy Chicken Pepper Salt Powder A , salt and pepper powder is made of specially selected high-grade pepper as the main raw material, mixed with several kinds of spices. It has a strong aroma and a light cinnamon aroma and sweetness. It is mainly used for various conditioning of frie..
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Shih Chuan Spicy Bean Sauce(Vegan)(Commercial) ( 2.8 kg / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 86 9156 -15%
【Prepared with selected soybeans, chili and sesame oil in the ancient method, it has sufficient aroma and moderate spiciness. It tastes slightly sweet and smooth. It is suitable for dipping sauce, staple food and cooking. It is edible for vegetarians. 】 ★Passed HALAL certification, HACCP and ISO2200..
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Bull Head Sauce ( 3 kg / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 41 8714 -15%
★ Deep dumplings and hot pot are delicious UP! UP !! ★ Fried beef, fried Sanxian and even fried rice, can make you delicious table! ★ Bullhead pork, stewed beef, stewed dried bean curd of Niutou brand sand tea sauce is excellent! It is well known for its excellent taste of sand tea sauce. It has bee..
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Kimlan Soy Sauce ( 5 L / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 13 5861 -15%
Pure brewing without preservatives and without MSG Raw materials: water, soybeans, wheat, salt, glutinous rice, sugar.【Contents】 Content: 5000ml [Shelf life] 3 years..
Ex Tax:RM475.56
Kimlan Grade A Soy Sauce(non-basic modified)(Commercial) ( 5 L / 1 Bottle )
3-5 weeks Sold 126 9334 -10%
Product features ★Unique pure brewing formula ★The best choice for dipping sauces for natural and sweet dishes Uses: Fried rice, fried noodles, cured meat or fried vegetables are all suitable; long-term marinated dishes◎ Product name: Kimlan Grade A Soy Sauce(non-basic modified)(Commer..
Ex Tax:RM346.67
JAGUAR Cheese Crisp Powder(Commercial) ( 1 000 g / 1 packet  )
3-5 weeks Sold 76 6227 -10%
◎ Product Name: JAGUAR Cheese Crisp Powder(Commercial)  ◎ Ingredients: flour, corn starch, baking soda, cheese powder, salt ◎ Specifications: Net weight 1KG ◎ Place of Origin: Taiwan ◎ Shelf life: 18 months ◎ Effective date: marked on ..
Ex Tax:RM322.67
Shih Chuan Sweet Noodle Sauce(Commercial) ( 3 000 g / 1 Carton )
3-5 weeks 5949 -10%
◎ Product name: Shih Chuan Sweet Noodle Sauce(Commercial)  ◎ Ingredients: soybean (genetically modified), rice, wheat, salt, fructose ◎ Specifications: Net weight 3KG ◎ Place of Origin: Taiwan ◎ Shelf life: 1 year ◎ Effective date: marked on the package ◎ Expiration date: The ingredients of the..
Ex Tax:RM73.33
Twin Shrimps Stewed Pork Powder(Commercial) ( 1 000 g / 1 packet  )
3-5 weeks Sold 73 5775 -10%
This product is of high quality, hygienic and reliable. It is absolutely guaranteed not to contain any chemical preservatives. Please feel free to consume it for a long time.It is the most convenient, ideal, simplest and most time-saving to use this kind of Lu Rou Noodles. Whether you want Lu Rou ..
Ex Tax:RM1,622.22
Wan Ja Shan Mushroom Vegetarian Oyster Sauce ( 6 L / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 18 6818 -15%
The high-component soy sauce brewed with soybeans and wheat as the base, the mushroom powder made by grinding Puli mushrooms, and the starch and yeast powder imported from the European Union are added to make a unique seasoning sauce that is suitable for meat and vegetables. The taste is naturally s..
Ex Tax:RM382.22
Wan Ja Shan Ointment ( 5 L / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 66 5573 -15%
Wan Ja Shan Ointment, 100-pure brewing natural ointmentProduct raw materials: water, sucrose inverted liquid sugar, non-genetically modified soybeans (high-protein soy chips), wheat, salt, thickener (corn gum, acetylated di-starch adipic acid), sodium benzoate (preservative), yeast Extract Note:..
Ex Tax:RM333.33
Kimlan Ointment ( 5 L / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 77 6961 -15%
In addition to the fermented aroma, the ointment is less likely to thicken under high temperature, so it is suitable for cooking for longer time heating and high-temperature roasting and frying. Suitable for braised dipping, stir-frying, Taiwanese braised pork rice, Taiwanese three-cup chicken◎&..
Ex Tax:RM360.00
Kong Yan White Vinegar ( 5 L / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 13 5005 -15%
Good seasoning partner in the kitchen, brewing glutinous rice. ★Indispensable for kitchen seasoning ★Miaochu is good at helping hand-held fresh; enhance the flavor to make the dishes more delicious ★Brewed balsamic vinegar, vegetarian food availableBrand: Kong Yan Commodity ingredients: Water, g..
Ex Tax:RM328.89
Kong Yan Black Vinegar ( 5 L / 1 Bottle )
3-5 weeks 7652 -10%
The unique mellow flavour of Kong Yan Black Vinegar is derived from fermented vegetables and fruits. ◆ Where soup, pasta, seafood, chicken, duck and fish meat, etc. ◆ Add the industrial research black vinegar as appropriate during or after conditioning or before eating to enhance the flavor of the f..
Ex Tax:RM343.11
Ajinomoto Cooking Master-Bonito Seasoning(Commercial) ( 1 000 g / 1 Bag )
3-5 weeks Sold 19 6051 -10%
Ajinomoto Cooking Master-Bonito is a seasoning that can present a light and delicious cuisine. It is made from carefully selected natural dried and smoked bonito, with a unique aroma and flavor. Whether it is cooking vegetables, seafood, meat and other different ingredients, it can perfectly el..
Ex Tax:RM1,106.67
Wan Ja Shan Grade A Soy Sauce ( 5 L / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 15 5885 -15%
Soy sauce such as Wan Ja Shan meets the CNS Grade A soy sauce standard. It uses soybeans and wheat as raw materials, and is made through long-term fermentation and brewing. It has a strong aroma and a sweet taste.Product raw materials: water, non-genetically modified soybeans (high-protein ..
Ex Tax:RM311.11
NTWBC Seasoning spice ( 600 g / 1 Boxes )
3-5 weeks Sold 1 3805 -10%
Special use for salted chicken and bacon, and special use for stuffing in steamed buns and dumplings. Provide high-quality condiments for business companies Satisfy the taste buds of the glutton, the emotion and the fragrance of the fragrance!Product name: NTWBC Seasoning spice Commodity ingredi..
Ex Tax:RM1,600.00
NTWBC Pepper Salt Powder ( 1 800 g / 1 Boxes )
3-5 weeks Sold 2 3992 -10%
It is carefully developed with a special formula and has an excellent flavor, which is suitable for frying, boiling, frying, frying, braising or roasting. Provide high-quality condiments for business companies Satisfy the taste buds of the glutton, the emotion and the fragrance of the fragrance!..
Ex Tax:RM2,088.89
Dong Quan Chili Sauce ( 5 L / 1 Barrel )
In Stock 1880 -15%
The salty, sweet and spicy taste is similar to that of sweet and spicy sauce, so people who don’t like spicy food can easily enjoy it! A time-honored brand with 60 years of heritage, the same taste for decades, and constant persistence create a good reputation When it comes to the common memories of..
Ex Tax:RM444.44
Kong Yan Sweet Pepper Paste  ( 3.4 L / 1 Barrel )
In Stock 1911 -15%
Features: natural, original flavor Usage: Can be mixed in appropriate amounts according to taste preference or ingredients characteristics Specifications: 3.4kg Note: This product does not contain artificial colors. Allergen information: This product contains soybeans. Our factory has a production p..
Ex Tax:RM400.00
TING FANG Pickled Pineapple With Soy ( 3 kg / 1 Barrel )
3-5 weeks Sold 1 3118 -10%
Product Name: TING FANG Pickled Pineapple With Soy Ingredients: soybeans (non-GMO), water, soy sauce, L-sodium glutamate (MSG-flavoring agent), salt (sodium salt, potassium salt), anhydrous citric acid, (flavoring agent), DL-alanine (flavoring agent) agent), disodium 5'-inosine phosphate, disodium 5..
Ex Tax:RM368.89
Grandpa Premium Chinese 5 Powder ( 600 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock Sold 6 5229 -15%
Grandpa Premium - Gold five spice powder opens the outer packaging and smells delicious. The ingredients are cumin, cinnamon, anise, cloves, peppercorns. It can remove the fishy smell and increase the fragrance of the dishes. I recommend it to everyone!Product Name: Grandpa Premium Chinese 5 P..
Ex Tax:RM1,183.33
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