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Wei Lih once praised-noodles ( 1 Bowl )
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Fragrant Q face, popular taste, plus a rich conditioning package, It only takes three minutes to enjoy a bowl of fragrant meat noodles.★Product specifications ★Net weight: 200g/bowl ★Storage period: 6 months ★ Country of manufacture: Taiwan※ Due to the shooting relationship, the picture file..
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Tomax rosemary leaves ( 20 g x 1 Bottle )  / 1 Bottle )
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◆ Made in Taiwan, with food production resume, visible with peace of mind ◆ The strong aroma of the small mill rosemary leaves is suitable for pickled meat, or used in pastry cookies, can add a special aromaProduct name Rosemary leaves Product Brief The richly flavored small mill rosemar..
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Tomax freshly ground white pepper ( 45 g x 1 Bottle )  / 1 Bottle )
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★ Carefully selected high-quality white pepper grains, double the aroma ★Multi-stage self-adjusting grinder, the thickness is controlled by itself, which touches the taste buds, which is delicious ★Enjoy the fun of grinding and cook more deliciousProduct name Fresh ground white pepper P..
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TTL Red Label Rice Wine Sesame Chicken ( 200 g / 1 packet  )
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Use authentic red label rice wine produced by Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Company, with fine sesame oil and delicate soup The fragrant noodles and fresh chicken nugget cooking package allow busy modern consumers to instantly enjoy the warm, rich home-cooked food in the cold winter, expel the exhausti..
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TTL Huadiao Sauerkraut Beef ( 200 g / 1 Bowl )
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Huadiao cooking wine brewed according to ancient methods, With rich beef soup and fragrant noodles, The beef chunks are made of high-quality half-skin and half-meat and simmered in a unique Huadiao wine. Tenderness, taste the good taste of traditional classicsOnce upon a time, eating instant ..
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VEDAN Flavor of Shiitake Mushroom ( 60 g / 1 Cup )
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Traditional food comes in, the most classic and novel experience. Sui Yuan ~ ~ endless good taste. The No. 1 brand of vegetarian food, Suiyuan, transforms many delicious foods into vegetarian foods. Making everyone eat healthy and delicious, and make life more delicious. Refreshing soup with exce..
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VEDAN One-Piece Pork Noodle Soup ( 190 g / 1 packet  )
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★ Noodle Q‧Yongnong‧Meat chunks ★ Carefully selected high-quality front leg pork ★ Braised cooking keeps sweet ★ Unique formula seasoning, full of aroma★ Net weight: 180g ★ Food additives: ‧Noodles: sodium L-glutamine, mushroom flavor, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, sodium met..
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LianHwa Hokka Noodle Soup-Pastoral Corn ( 47 g / 1 Cup )
In Stock 1212 -40%
◆ Non-fried general instant noodles ◆ Italian spiral noodles cooked from Duran wheat ◆ Western-style thick soup prepared with fresh vegetables ◆ Convenient and fast to taste European cuisine in 3 minutes ◆ 158 calories per cup ◆ Provide low-load light food series that love small portions ◆ Che..
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Yu Zong Shrimp Flavor Spicy ( 60 g / 1 packet  )
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★ Veteran well-known delicious snacks ★ Deep shrimp flavor, delicious and refreshing Product specifications 60g / bag Precautions 1. Do not place in direct sunlight and damp places. After unpacking, please use it as soon as possible to prevent deterioration. 2. If there is any ..
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Yu Zong Shrimp Flavor Kimchi ( 60 g / 1 packet  )
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Shrimp flavors come back first! It is an indispensable good snack for those who love shrimp, Crisp and salty, good digestion, soothing good things in the soul. Content Name Flour, Palm Oil, Corn Starch, Tapioca Starch, Sugar, Whole Shrimp, Kimchi Powder (Salt, Kimchi Concentrate (..
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Hunya 77 Dark Chocolate Brick ( 400 g / 1 packet  )
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Large servings of chocolate bricks Easy to DIY chocolate fondue at home Can be used for cakes, breads and other baker's favorites Contents name Sucrose, vegetable oil (hydrogenated palm kernel oil), cocoa powder, whey powder, maltodextrin, lecithin, emulsifier, compound flavor. T..
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Hunya noble pie crispy roasted peanuts ( 97 g / 1 pcs )
3-5 weeks Sold 19 2442 -40%
100% true fragrance without spices No fragrance, no coloring, no hydrogenated oil, no preservatives Baked peanuts with rich aroma, finely grated into the filling, With the scent of freshly fried wafers, the salty and sweet flavors are wonderful. Meat / Vegetarian Preservation method Plea..
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