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Bifido Probiotic Gummy-Grape ( 30 g / 1 packet  )
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 The first brand of fermented milk Each gummy contains Bifido natural fermentation broth Add spore lactic acid bacteria to help intestinal healthProduct Name: Probiotic Gummy-Grape Commodity ingredients: maltose syrup, sugar, water, bifidox fermentation broth, animal gl..
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Triko Small Fish Dried Peanuts ( 80 g / 1 packet  )
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★A good condiment for friends to meet and drink to reminisce about the past! ★Super popular product on the Internet! ★The taste is fragrant, crisp, crisp and spicy ★Dried fish can replenish calcium and iron ★A super popular item that has been popular for many years ★The company has passed FSSC ..
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Wan Ja Shan Mushroom Vegetarian Oyster Sauce ( 6 L / 1 Bottle )
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The high-component soy sauce brewed with soybeans and wheat as the base, the mushroom powder made by grinding Puli mushrooms, and the starch and yeast powder imported from the European Union are added to make a unique seasoning sauce that is suitable for meat and vegetables. The taste is naturally s..
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I-MEI Lemon Puff ( 57 g / 1 packet  )
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The crispy pie shell is wrapped with lemon filling, it is sweet and not greasy, and every bite is full of happiness, which is endlessly memorable.​​​​Product Name: Lemon Puff Commodity ingredients: vegetable oil (palm oil, rapeseed oil, emulsifiers (fatty acid glycerides, fatty acid propyle..
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I-MEI Peanut Pancake ( 100 g / 1 packet  )
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The crispy crust with strong peanut aroma will satisfy you every bite Different from traditional pancakes, unique taste and flavor, very chewy crust, good taste the more chewy Individually packaged, moderate weight, suitable for tasting and enjoying with relatives and friends★Pieces are refres..
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Wei Chuan High-Fresh MSG ( 200 g / 1 Canned )
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Wei Chuan High-Fresh MSG -Upgraded Formula (200g) ★ Strictly selected Taiwanese contracted raw materials for vegetable and fruit production ★ Full upgrade of raw materials for vegetables and fruits ★ The raw materials pass the pesticide residue inspection ★ Exclusive Japanese granulation te..
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I-MEI Hazelnut Crunchoco - Dark  Chocolate ( 280 g / 1 Boxes )
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Texture design, product quality is more divided Easy to carry, no burden to eat I-MEI best-selling star productsProduct Name: Hazelnut Crunchoco - Dark  Chocolate Commodity ingredients: flour, sucrose, vegetable oil (palm oil, palm kernel oil, emulsifier (fatty acid sorbitan ester)),..
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Jin Jin Fruity Stick ( 680 g / 1 packet  )
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Jin Jin Fruity Stick (Mix Fruit) Summer limited juice-flavored popsicles! The super nostalgic ancient popsicles are loved by adults and children. After putting them in the refrigerator, they are cool and delicious! Super cold, a new choice to cool off the heat (Pineapple, yakult, strawberry, orang..
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Te Chang Yang Guifei Spicy Dried Pork ( 90 g / 1 packet  )
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★ Made in Taiwan, with good quality as the core policy ★ Carefully prepared, delicious and nutritiousProduct Name: Spicy Dried Pork Net weight: 90g Shelf life: 9 months Origin: Taiwan..
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Tomax Pure Black Pepper ( 30 g x 1 Bottle )  / 1 Bottle )
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★Exclusive "freezing and grinding" technology, perfect sealing of exquisite black pepper spice, slowly releasing the pure flavor of natural raw materials during cooking, with the ingredients more delicious ★No artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and preservativesPro..
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Good Deer Glutinous Rice Powder ( 600 g / 1 packet  )
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The glutinous rice flour is soaked overnight with glutinous rice, mixed with water to make a slurry, packed in cloth bags, and hung overnight. When the water drops dry, crush the wet glutinous rice flour dough and dry the finished product. The viscosity is higher than the rice noodles in Lai Lai, so..
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Kong Yan White Vinegar ( 5 L / 1 Bottle )
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Good seasoning partner in the kitchen, brewing glutinous rice. ★Indispensable for kitchen seasoning ★Miaochu is good at helping hand-held fresh; enhance the flavor to make the dishes more delicious ★Brewed balsamic vinegar, vegetarian food availableBrand: Kong Yan Commodity ingredients: ..
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Chen Ji Okayama Haha Bean Sauce(Vegetarian) ( 450 g / 1 Canned )
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​★Manufactured by ancient method, seasoning holy product, vegan and edible ★Kaohsiung Okayama Famous ProductFood Information Product name: Chen Ji Okayama Haha Bean Sauce Contents name: Non-genetically modified soybeans, flour water, high fructose, syrup, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate,..
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Kong Yan Chili Pepper Paste ( 560 ml / 1 Bottle )
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★Orthodox spicy flavor, no artificial coloring ★Spicy expert, pure brewed flavor ★Unique formula, more delicious foodFood Information Commodity name: Kong Yan Chili Pepper Paste Contents Ingredients: Water, Miso, Two granulated sugar, Peppers, Carrots, Tomatoes, Salt. Round glutinous ric..
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Hsin Kuang Salted Bacon Powder  ( 300 g / 1 Boxes )
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Pure taste and fragrance, full of fragrance 【Hsin Kuang】Salted Bacon Powder ★Xiangzhong Premium,Cuisine Master ★Pure taste and fragrance,full of fragrance ★Convenient cooking,A good helper in the kitchen●Product: Hsin Kuang Salted Bacon Powder  ●Ingredients: black pepper, cinnamon powder, l..
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Kong Yan Sweet Pepper Paste ( 560 ml / 1 Bottle )
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★Natural, original flavor ★Can be widely used in various cuisines ★Usage: dip, boiled, fried, seasoning ★No artificial coloringFood Information Product name: Kong Yan Sweet Pepper Paste Contents Ingredients: Miso, vegetables, garlic, sugar, salt, glutinous rice flour, spicy seasoning, p..
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Cheng Gong Real Aged Sauce ( 420 ml / 1 Bottle )
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This product is real delicacy aged sauce. It is packed in a single bottle. It is a soy sauce (yin oil) brewed from non-genetically modified soybeans and wheat imported from Canada. It is brewed in the way of whole beans, non-defatted bean flakes powder is processed and made, pure ancient hand-made, ..
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Cheng Gong Japanese honey flavor Soy Sauce ( 420 ml / 1 Bottle )
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The nectar is processed by bees to form "honey".Honey can be said to be an unprocessed sweetener. It contains a variety of minerals, amino acids, vitamins and sugars. It is a natural health holy product.The R&D team of the Technical Transfer Department of Chenggong University uses unique..
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Sin Long Beigang Sesame Oil ( 560 ml / 1 Bottle )
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It is suitable for stir-frying, making dumplings, dipping sauce, meat filling seasoning and soup flavor enhancement, cold oil chicken, side dishes, etc. It can be described as the holy product of seasoning. Also known as: sesame sesame oil Cold pressed virgin Strictly selected top-quality fresh s..
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Tomax Shichimi Togarashi ( 25 g x 1 Bottle )  / 1 Bottle )
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Shichimi Togarashi is a representative comprehensive spice in Japan. It is a combination of spices. It has the aroma of red pepper and a strong taste and sesame flavor. It can be sprinkled directly or used in fillings.Product Name: Tomax Shichimi Togarashi Ingredients: chili, white sesame, black..
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Cheng Gong Black Bean Sauce ( 420 ml / 1 Bottle )
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Successfully brewed, the real flavor and shade oil--this product uses black beans as the main raw material, is exposed and matured for 365 days to extract the amino acid, and is brewed purely by fermentation, with a strong aroma of beans. Uses: Emphasizes sweetness and mellowness, suitable for dipp..
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SHIN HORNG Dry Noodles-Sesame Toona ( 110 ml / 1 packet  )
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SHIN HORNG Dry Noodles-Sesame Toona【Vegetarian】 ◆Non-fried Guanmiao noodles, 0.25cm wide ◆Classic desktop flavor, you can "taste" as you wish ◆No added preservatives, safe food ◆Simple cooking, convenient and fast, with white sesame seedsCommodity name: SHIN HORNG Dry Noodles-Sesame ..
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Kimlan Manna Ointment ( 500 ml / 1 Bottle )
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Suitable for braised pig's feet, dip poached eggs, fried seafood ★ Global selection of non-genetically modified soybeans. Safe and healthy ★ Suitable for dipping and mixing. Or refreshing Japanese-style high-grade stains Product specifications   1. Commodity combination / specific..
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I-MEI milk candy ( 120 g / 1 packet  )
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Thick milk flavor, endless aftertaste The ingredients are real, classic and delicious ★ Commodity ingredients Maltose, sucrose, cream, milk powder, table salt, soy lecithin, spices ★ Nutrition label Per serving Calories --- 107 calories Protein ------------------ 0.8 g Fa..
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Miso Army Chaotian Pepper ( 240 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock 3281 -50%
★ It is made from selected Chaotian peppers ★ A good choice for dipping sauce, stir-fry and noodles ★ Poisonous and spicy taste is more spicy than addiction 240g / can1. Do not place in direct sunlight and damp places. After unpacking, please use it as soon as possible to prevent de..
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Jane Jane Taste of Sky and Sea ( 125 g / 1 packet  )
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Made from carefully selected fresh ocean fish, the meat is delicious, the special marinade taste, its flavor is rich, simple and delicious, the best choice for casual snacksProduct Name: Taste of Sky and Sea  Commodity ingredients: fish, squid, sugar, soy sauce (soya, wheat), vinegar..
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Knorr Ribs Essence ( 100 g / 1 Boxes )
In Stock Sold 77 2942 -50%
►The secret weapon of good soup ►Extracted from the best natural ingredients ►No preservatives added  Food Information Product name: Knorr Ribs Essence  Contents ingredients: Salt, palm oil, sugar, corn starch, pork meal, spices, hydrolyzed vegetable zein, protein concentr..
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Kuang Chuan Jasmine Tea Garden ( 300 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 466 3998 -50%
Kuang Chuan Jasmine Tea Garden (Honey Tea) 300mlIt is made from tea leaves before the natural morning light, carefully selected and scented in layers of jasmine. The tea leaves are full of the fragrance of jasmine and exudes the most natural aroma. The rich natural honey brings a mellow taste, a..
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Combo Fresh Chicken Crystal 220g ( 220 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock 3038 -50%
The chef's secret recipe that best matches meat dishes Contains the best fresh chicken essence and corn flour can lock the gravy and preserve the deliciousness Fried meat, add a spoonful of marinated meat, the meat is tender and juicy Fried and grilled can bring out beautiful golden color and delici..
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King Car Orido Water-Glass Bottle ( 150 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 345 4732 -50%
Product Description "Olido mini-Oligo" won the national health food certification, and its quality is highly recognized. Its rich oligosaccharides can help digestion and maintain digestive tract function, increase the number of Bifidus bacteria in the intestine, and promote human health. ● This p..
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Miso Army garlic chili pepper ( 240 g / 1 Bottle )
In Stock Sold 59 3188 -50%
★ It is made from selected Chaotian peppers ★ A good choice for dipping sauce, stir-fry and noodles ★ The spicy and spicy taste of garlic is more spicy than addictive 240g (12pcs) / carton1. Do not place in direct sunlight and damp places. After unpacking, please use it as soon as possible to..
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CHIAO MAI WU Hand-flavored udon noodles ( 300 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 76 2927 -50%
Qiao Maiwu's noodle making concept is the true taste of the heart and hands. Good wheat, good water, good salt are the quality of Qiaomaiwu, With 60 years of noodle making concept and perseverance, it shows the rich diversity of noodles.This product selects high-quality flour, which is made by..
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I-MEI Brown Sugar Ginger Tea ( 180 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 18 3554 -50%
Special-grade old ginger is selected and ground with pure ancient methods. It is matched with the unique charcoal burnt cane flavor of brown sugar, which is mellow and moist in the mouth. Warm a cup, warm your body and heart★The flavor is authentic and pure, warm and mellow! ★Natural ginger is ..
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Hsin Hsin Braised Beef ( 300 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 18 1071 -50%
Braised beef and Chinese cabbage, a pot full of it, is a perfect match that no one can match. Braised beef noodles, braised beef rice, beef stew with potatoes, borscht soup.Name: Hsin Hsin Braised Beef Ingredients: Beef, brewed soy sauce, tapioca starch, sucrose, ginger, dried tangerin..
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Hsin Hsin Braised Pork  ( 300 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 15 1071 -50%
Sacha pork risotto, taro pork, wax gourd braised pork, radish roasted pork.Product Name: Hsin Hsin Braised Pork  Ingredients: Pork, Brewed Soy Sauce, Cane Sugar, Ginger, Sodium L-Glutamate, Caramel Color, Star Anise. Pork source countries: Taiwan, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain Net weight: ..
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Hsin Hsin Beef Curry  ( 250 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 11 1183 -50%
Indian-style beef curry, with pure Indian-style curry sauce and pure Indian-style technical heritage! Cooked in a traditional way with a unique recipe, it retains the flavor of traditional Taiwanese home cooking! Fragrant, spicy, strong, let you try it and become addicted! It is a good helper for yo..
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Hsin Hsin Chicken Curry ( 250 g / 1 Canned )
In Stock Sold 2 1142 -50%
Indian-style chicken curry, with pure Indian-style curry sauce and pure Indian-style technical heritage! Cooked in a traditional way with a unique recipe, it retains the flavor of traditional Taiwanese home cooking! Fragrant, spicy, strong, let you try it and become addicted! It is a good helper for..
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TEA LOUNGE Black Tea ( 650 ml / 1 Bottle )
In Stock 1055 -50%
Daily Healthy Unsweetened Cooked Black Tea Strictly select Ceylon black tea from the Kandy region of Sri Lanka, With Assam and other black teas, the multi-layered taste is fresh and mellow, round and not bitter.Product Name: TEA LOUNGE Black Tea Ingredients: Water, Indigestible Maltodextrin, T..
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Ve Wong Seaweed Soup ( 3.5 g x 10 packet s )  / 1 Boxes )
In Stock 1235 -50%
delicious healthy low calorie Refreshing and not greasy The classic taste of seaweed soup No added preservativesEggs are made from fresh eggs, and then nutritious vegetables and various ingredients are added. It is made with exclusive condiments, rich in content and delicious taste. The clas..
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Jiuyi Vegetarian Meat Sauce ( 300 g / 1 Canned )
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This product is suitable for cooking, frying, steaming and other dishes. It is delicious and highly praised by the vegetarian community.Name: Jiuyi Vegetarian Meat Sauce Ingredients: Soybeans, Soybean Salad Oil, Spices Net weight: 300g Validity period: 1 year Storage method: Refrige..
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SHIN HORNG Hanzai Noodle Soup-Peeled Chili Chicken Flavor ( 220 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 8 709 -50%
The old house with bricks, the alleyway noodle stall, the strong Taiwan flavor is accompanied by the strong hometown flavor~ The nostalgic taste in memory, let the real Hanzaibo take care of it for you. The local traditional taste, of course, has to choose the local Taiwanese ingredients, and insist..
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SHIN HORNG Hanzai Noodle Soup-Parkway Fiber Vegetable Flavor ( 220 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 9 949 -50%
Non-fried No added preservatives Safe food Noodles Q bomb, long cooking, simple cooking, convenient and fast A bowl of simple noodle soup with a strong hometown flavor Home-made classic taste, continuing the traditional good taste of Taiwan Unique flavor and aroma, the taste is warm and full, sa..
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Mr.Vegetables Bitter Gourd Sliced ( 70 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 2 1110 -50%
Taiwan native mountain bitter gourd ❌Pesticide residues ❌Heavy metal ❌No extra formula added Dry and bake with special process technology Refreshing, nourishing and quenching thirst Lightweight and healthy! Small fruit, high nutrition Honest production, peace of mind guarantee【Mission of..
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Fu Yi Shan Coffee Latte Crackers  ( 320 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 4 1054 -50%
★Fragrant coffee flavor ★One bite after another, a delicious taste that can't be stopped ★Lightweight and convenient packaging, easy to carry, suitable for sharing with many people ★First choice for afternoon teaProduct Name: Fu Yi Shan Coffee Latte Crackers  Ingredients: Flour, Sug..
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Uni Prawn Noodles ( 83 g / 1 packet  )
In Stock Sold 70 800 -50%
The refreshing and sweet soup will make you occasionally tired of eating big fish and big meat with heavy taste. Come and relax your taste buds with a bowl of "Uni Prawn Noodles".Product Name: Uni Prawn Noodles Net weight: 83g Validity period: 6 months Origin: Taiwan..
Ex Tax:RM200.00
Bu Xiang Mini Marshmallow ( 125 g / 1 Bag )
In Stock Sold 1 446 -50%
Small package insideIf you like DIY desserts at home, This mini marshmallow is definitely a good helper for you!★ Put a little marshmallow on the chocolate and sprinkle with chocolate powder ★ You can also sprinkle two mini marshmallows on the ice cream ★ Put a few on the cake too You wh..
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