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台酒 TTL

TTL Red Label Rice Wine Sesame Chicken ( 200 g / 1 packet  )
3-5 weeks Sold 223 5886 -10%
Use authentic red label rice wine produced by Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Company, with fine sesame oil and delicate soup The fragrant noodles and fresh chicken nugget cooking package allow busy modern consumers to instantly enjoy the warm, rich home-cooked food in the cold winter, expel the exhaustio..
Ex Tax:RM226.67
TTL Huadiao Chicken ( 200 g / 1 packet  )
3-5 weeks Sold 280 7995 -10%
Fine noodles absorb the full soup, with chicken nuggets Unique traditional cooking soup, with Taiwan wine Huadiao wine bag Alcohol evaporates, aroma overflows Once upon a time, eating instant noodles became just a random Wanting to eat bowl noodles that is simple but elegant will no longer be a luxu..
Ex Tax:RM226.67
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