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味王 Ve Wong

Prince Ve Wong Noodle ( 1 packet  )
3-5 weeks Sold 346 5200 -10%
Share and enjoy freely, the original seaweed has many flavors The unforgettable taste of childhood memories More convenient to eat in small packages Fragrant, crispy and delicious No preservatives added  Brand name Ve Wong Packing combination bag 5 pcs/bag 8 bags/carton P..
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Jiang Ji Spicy Fermented Bean Curd With Sesame Oil ( 320 g / 1 Bottle )
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Note: fermented bean curd is a fermented food, it is normal for leaking when during delivery.The product ingredients are selected soybeans, sesame oil, rice wine, granulated sugar, no preservatives, artificial colors, saccharin, traditional technology and the latest equipment, strict quality contr..
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Ve Wong Seaweed Soup ( 3.5 g x 10 packet s )  / 1 Boxes )
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delicious healthy low calorie Refreshing and not greasy The classic taste of seaweed soup No added preservativesEggs are made from fresh eggs, and then nutritious vegetables and various ingredients are added. It is made with exclusive condiments, rich in content and delicious taste. The classic ta..
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