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HUOQIU Spicy Hot Tofu ( 450 g / 1 packet  )
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HUOQIU Spicy Hot Tofu "Spicy and spicy tofu" Spicy tofu filled with delicious soup Has always been the soul of hot pot"Strong spicy aroma" Take a bite out of the smooth tofu Overflowing with spicy soup"The most delicious home-cooked ingredients" Whether you want to make a hot pot soup base or co..
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HUOQIU Spicy Duck Blood ( 450 g / 1 packet  )
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HUOQIU Spicy Duck Blood 100% pure duck blood Spicy and salty Burst juice in every biteIn addition to duck blood, soup is also very important Use pepper, chili and dozens of Chinese prescriptions Boiled with chicken bones Stacked to produce fragrant, hemp, and spicy warm soup Satisfy your soul who ..
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HUOQIU Sesame Sauce Noodles ( 122 g / 1 packet  )
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Taiwan's classic old-fashioned national snack "Sesame Sauce Noodles" Favorite of adults and children Q bombs with fragrant sesame sauce Super elastic teeth, no sticky taste! Using the top American noodles, it is not easy to rot for a long time! Non-fried noodles, low calorie and low sodium! Vegetari..
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