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NING CHI XO Scallop Sauce ( 245 g / 1 Canned )
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Scallop sauce made with fresh scallops It is often used in bibimbap, noodles, and also used in cooking to prepare various ingredients It is a sauce with a very rich ocean flavor.Product Name: NING CHI XO Scallop Sauce Commodity ingredients: special grade scallops (scallops), Jinhua ham,..
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NING CHI Spicy Pot Sauce ( 450 g / 1 Canned )
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NING CHI unique Sichuan taste The ancestor of Taiwan's spicy hot pot restaurant Hemp, spicy, fresh and fragrant, no one can matchPour this product into a pot, add water or stock to dilute 3~4 times, put all kinds of hot pot ingredients and meat slices into the pot and boil it to become a spicy and..
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NING CHI Spicy Soup Base For Hot Pot ( 300 g / 1 packet  )
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NING CHI  Spicy Hot Pot is the first spicy hot pot restaurant in Taiwan. After more than 30 years of experience, it has a unique Sichuan taste, with the best spicy spices and Chinese medicine, and it is a spicy flavour that is stewed for a long time. "Hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant" is unmatched ..
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NING CHI Fresh Chili ( 245 g / 1 Canned )
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The first founding restaurant of spicy hot pot in Taiwan In Taiwan, everyone who loves spicy hotpot knows that [Ningji] spicy hotpot has a unique Sichuan flavor, combined with the best five spices and traditional Chinese medicine, and is stewed for a long time. It tastes numb and spicy. , fresh, fr..
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